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Zones Discovery Services (ZDS) is a simple, non-intrusive, agentless technology designed to provide IT infrastructure insight, discovery, and analytics.
Setup and configuration
Select a ZDS project engagement or ongoing services available through a hardened physical or virtual appliance.
Single Pane of Glass
Detect, itemize, and inventory everything on your network – from the desktop to the data center and beyond – with one solution.
Detailed Information
Poll an environment, collecting rich and detailed information for any device connected to the network. All reports can be exported to Excel and easily navigated.
Multiple Platforms
Collect current state information across platforms and devices including mobile devices running Android, iOS, and Windows phone/tablets – anything on the network with an IP address.
Software Inventory and Usage Metering
Conduct a full software inventory to identify potential lapses in maintenance coverage, security vulnerabilities, non-standard operating systems, out-of-date software, and more.
Software Licensing Management
Find out the second you exceed your entitlements and eliminate unnecessary expenditures. Automate software asset management by leveraging our large database of software fingerprints and licensing rules, and augment it with your own.
Mobile Device Reporting and Client Access License (CAL) Tracking
Instantly see who is connecting to your network, or pulling down corporate data – and on what device. Also, see how many devices connect to your servers to track CAL entitlements.
SQL Reporting
Easily detect and display all relevant database information – supporting both processor and core licensing models, so you can keep a close eye on ‘SQL sprawl’ and avoid any unpleasant surprises.
Hardware Warranty, Maintenance, and Supportability
Ensure equipment is properly covered by warranties and maintenance. And automatically gain insight into where your entire fleet – and printers, switches, even phones – are at in their lifecycle.
Virtual Environment
Track host/guest relationships, capacity, and even gather host-level software installations, hardware information, and warranty information.
Contract Management
Discover and monitor all of maintenance, lease, or other IT contracts. You can even get reminders when contracts are coming up for renewal or anniversary dates.
Detailed Hardware Reporting
See every hardware device on your network – even every line card, power supply, and component of a large chassis inside your data center.

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