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#Nutanix users protecting their data with #Zerto software need to pay close attention to the latter’s recently-released 5.0U2 as it fixes a problem that could cause data corruption. Zerto slipped out a warning about the problem last week, explaining that its software could induce IO errors that lead to data corruption. As Zerto’s release notes (PDF) explain, the problem only manifests “when the Nutanix IO Control feature is used” and even then only under limited circumstances. But as VCDX certification holder and blogger Derek Seaman points out, the problem is hard to detect because the bug “resulted in the OS thinking a write operation had been completed when in fact it had not. Thus, the application thought data had been written to disk when in fact it had not.” With all lights green, users would therefore be oblivious to missing data. Nutanix chap Michael Webster also offers some further explanation on the mess and also lets us know that Nutanix was “able to reproduce the issue and worked with Zerto to get the problem reproduced and corrected. We have confirmed Zerto 5.0 U2 has resolved the issue.”

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