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Remember that 15.36TB SSD #Samsung launched a year ago? You can now buy it, for just $9,690 (about £7,400 or AU$13,000), from a couple of US retailers.

At £480 (about $630, AU$840) per TB, that’s actually not far off the selling price of Samsung’s next biggest SSD, the Samsung 850 EVO 4TB model, which works out at about £325 (about $430, AU$570) per TB in the UK.

The 15.36TB SSD is not only more capacious than the largest hard disk drive (models from #Seagate and #WD currently top 10TB), but also far smaller (2.5-inch compared to 3.5-inch). That means Samsung could easily produce a 30TB HDD-sized SSD giant if it wanted to.

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