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#IBM is not going to develop a fourth-generation XIV storage array because an upcoming #FlashSystem #A9000R using 3D flash can be sold for the same cost as disk. XIV is the highly reliable, #Moshe Yanai-designed array, which IBM bought in 2008 for a rumoured $300m. Unusually, the technology used clustered nodes, each using cheap SATA disk drives but provided high-performance data access. XIV Gen 3 was announced in 2011, and that hardware design is now almost six years old. The product was rebranded as Spectrum Accelerate software-defined storage in February 2015. With IBM buying #Storwize then #TexasMemorySystems (TMS) the Big Blue on-premises storage universe seemed centred on four pillars: DS8000 monolithic arrays, XIV enterprise arrays, hybrid flash/disk Storwize mid-range systems and FlashSystem (renamed TMS RamSan product) all-flash arrays for fast-access performance. With the DS8880F systems providing high-end flash performance and the FlashSystems getting refitted with incoming affordable 3D TLC (3bits/cell) flash then XIV’s role in the four-way product lineup is getting squeezed.

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