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Scientists at Trinity College Dublin have made groundbreaking advances with a new material that may one day be used to build roll-up television screens. A team based in the Amber materials science research centre has found a way to form ribbons and other shapes with graphene, a wonder material that is about 100 times stronger than steel. Importantly, they discovered a way to make the shapes “grow” #graphene  spontaneously so they don’t have to be manufactured. This is just as well, given graphene is a sheet of carbon only one atom thick, so it is difficult to handle. The researchers, led by Prof Graham Cross, have discovered a way to make ribbons and other shapes grow out of a graphene sheet. Being able to do this is is important. The electronics industry believes it can use graphene to build smaller, more powerful devices, such as roll-up TV screens. It could also be used in mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices.

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