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#Dell is keen to use India as a manufacturing hub for exports to South Asia but it wants a more conducive framework in terms of duties and structures, the American technology company’s global chief financial officer Thomas W Sweet said. Sweet, who met finance minister Arun Jaitley last week during his visit to India, told ET in an interview that recent changes to the duty structure have helped the company increase production from its plant in India but exports will require more in terms of policy changes. “There is a lot of opportunity for India to be a great domestic market for technology consumption, but there is also a great opportunity for it to be an exporter of technology,” said Sweet. Dell’s factory in India that primarily caters to the domestic market is “growing very nicely”, but the company also sees India as a regional manufacturing hub, Sweet said. But that “takes times, takes the right set of policies to enable this,” he said. Sweet said the meeting with Jaitley last week was an opportunity to give him some flavour of what Dell does in India and give him a perspective on the opportunities.

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