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#FacebookAI, the social media giant’s #artificialintelligence research division, announced today that it has met a milestone in the creation of a bot that can play #Hanabi, a cooperative card game involving imperfect information, with near-perfect results.

This milestone is important because games such as #Hanabi represent real-world situations where an #AI must participate in complex tasks with humans, discern intentionality from human actions and make decisions based on imperfect information.

This bot not only improves on previous AI systems but exceeds the capabilities of elite human players, as judged by experienced players who evaluated it.

Hanabi is a complex cooperative card game that involves colored cards with numbers on them in a game that is described a lot like group solitaire. The name “Hanabi” is taken from the Japanese word for fireworks and this is also related to the objective of the game.

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