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The low-cost Raspberry Pi computer has been closely tied to Windows 10 IoT Core since the OS was revealed alongside the Pi 2 in 2015. 

But in the intervening years the situation has changed, with the last Raspberry Pi that Windows 10 IoT Core officially supported being the Raspberry Pi 3, released back in early 2016. 

Since then two newer versions of the Pi have been released, the Pi 3 B+ in 2018, and the Pi 4 Model B in June this year. 

The uncertain future of Windows 10 on the Pi came to the fore again recently, when a Microsoft Contingent Staff member said she did not expect Windows 10 IoT Core to be compatible with the recently released Raspberry Pi 4. 

“Given the need for a new Raspbian OS, we do not expect the existing FFUs [Full Flash Updates] for Windows 10 IoT Core to be compatible with this platform,” she wrote

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