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Following #Dell ’s closure of the $67 billion acquisition of #EMC, CEO and Chairman @MichaelDell appointed an integration team comprising executives from both firms, led by Chief Integration Officer Rory Read from Dell and Howard Elias from EMC. “Every piece of the integration was planned from the customer back,” Read said. The goal of the integration and the emergent #DellTechnologies is, “To be the trusted provider of infrastructure to the next industrial revolution.” Each component of the two firms was assessed, and a set of “strategically aligned businesses” emerged that include a combined Dell EMC to #VMware, #Pivotal and #SecureWorks. Instead of making markets with new technologies or spanning hardware, software and services markets, Dell Technologies is 100 percent focused on enabling customer IT transformation and migration to new models of computing. The new company largely completes Michael Dell’s vision of a market-leading, desktop-to-data-center and cloud enterprise systems vendor. Dell Technologies partners with several firms that are making markets — notably General Electric Co. ( #GE ) — but also competes with (and partners with) firms like #Amazon and #IBM, which are leading their business development with new ideas. Dell Technologies is very clear around where and how it wants to play in the market. It is not positioning itself as a vendor of business outcomes or transformation but rather for IT transformation — tied to delivering end-to-end essential infrastructure that will enable business transformation. Dell Technologies will play to its strengths, looking to gain share and deliver the best margins for its own business. This strategy leaves white space


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