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#BeyondCore acquisition to boost analytic cloud capabilities Earlier in this series, we discussed the expectations from #Salesforce ’s (CRM) soon-to-be-announced fiscal 2Q17 results. In the middle of this month, Salesforce announced the acquisition of BeyondCore. Prior to that, Salesforce announced the acquisition of Quip, which is expected to boost the company’s position in the rapidly growing productivity and collaboration space. BeyondCore is Salesforce’s seventh acquisition in 2016. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. BeyondCore is a business intelligence data company with expertise in the #AI (artificial intelligence), deep learning, and business analytics area. Its analytics capabilities range from descriptive to predictive. BeyondCore employs smart pattern discovery technology that enables it to analyze data from databases and the #Apache #Hadoop file system. Hadoop is a high-speed open source with a high degree of fault tolerance. It is cost-efficient because it stores data in small chunks across several servers and can process queries rapidly by sending several to multiple machines at the same time. In July 2016, Teradata (TDC) announced the acquisition of Big Data Partnership, to get access to its expertise in disruptive technologies such as Apache Hadoop.

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