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Bangalore: While large and mid-size enterprises and businesses continue to ponder over the usage of cloud whether it is private or public, many of technology analysts and observers think that converged infrastructure (CI) could actually put an end to cloud’s dilemma for these organizations. Cloud dilemma The degree of cloud’s dilemma varies upon the organization’s business nature and the vertical it belongs. And it further becomes more complex with the addition of security, governance and compliance layers that most organizations have to strictly adhere to. Given this scenario, although enterprises and businesses are opting for either a private or hybrid cloud models, the cost of building private clouds, the cumbersome process of integration and deployment as well as the operational expenses involved in keeping all the IT stakes together and running does consumes a fair portion of the overall IT budget. Besides, for CIOs, the challenge is to consolidate IT in their respective enterprises and ensure that the overall operational cost is reduced but at the same time IT need to deliver business needs. In this situation, many experts suggest the use of converged infrastructure, which is a ready to use, pre-integrated box of compute, network and storage along with management software would makes more sense.

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