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Cyber attacks perpetrated by artificial intelligences (AIs) operating autonomously from human oversight are basically inevitable, and security professionals urgently need to start thinking about how to adapt their policies to deal with this, according to Trend Micro’s vice-president of security research, Rik Ferguson

Speaking at the supplier’s annual CloudSec event in London, Ferguson said that today, AI in the enterprise has not really advanced far beyond machine learning techniques for analysing large data pools, and is certainly nowhere near reaching Hal 9000 or Skynet-like capabilities.

However, given the virtual necessity of using some form of machine learning to manage legitimate data pools, it would be foolish to think that malicious actors are not also using it to exploit illicitly acquired personal or corporate data, said Ferguson.

“AI is like any other tool – something that can be used for good, and something that can be repurposed for different ends,” he said.

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