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Data growth is increasing much faster than network bandwidth, while storage is getting cheaper and networks aren’t. Which means, someday, moving to memory-centric systems. What would they look like? Here’s a vision from the former director of #HPLabs and the new CTO of #WesternDigital.

One of the keynotes at the recently concluded Non-Volatile Memory Workshop 2017 was given by Martin Fink, a 31-year HP veteran and newly appointed CTO of Western Digital. Martin ran HP Labs, and HP’s high-end server business, and has been thinking about memory-centric computing for years. If the terms “memristor” and “polymorphic computing” ring a bell, you can thank HP Labs for injecting them into the technosphere.


Today, memory is anchored to server CPUs, and in-memory computing is all the rage. With new NVDIMMs and lots of DIMM slots, servers supporting 2TB of memory are now possible. Does that seem like plenty?

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