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Artificial intelligence is the technology field that seems to hold the most potential for the federal government.

In recent months, the Trump administration and Congress have also indicated their growing support for direct federal funding and R&D. In March, the administration released an Overview of Administration Activities in Artificial Intelligence, and on May 8, the AI in Government Act was reintroduced by lawmakers aiming to increase federal AI talent and establish AI governance plans for agencies.

Meanwhile, agencies have mostly moved from the experimentation phase with AI to wider implementation, according to a report on federal AI adoption released by the Professional Services Council Foundation on May 22. The report’s authors notefederal agencies will commit over $1 billion to AI technologies by the end of fiscal 2019.

Deep learning is one of the facets of machine learning and AI that agencies are actively deploying, and it holds wide-ranging potential for the government. Deep learning technology can be used for an array of applications that have benefits for both civilian and defense or intelligence agencies.

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