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Please join us for the last installment of our HPE Ezmeral Uncut: Solution Snapshot Series. Tuesday, December 15, 1:00pm ET If you missed any of the previous sessions, you can watch on-demand here.

HPE Ezmeral Container Platform is a unified container software platform built on open source Kubernetes and designed for both cloud-native applications and non-cloud-native applications running on any infrastructure either on-premises, in multiple public clouds, in a hybrid model, or at the edge.

Digital transformation has increased our reliance on technology solutions, making the security of our information estate more important than ever. But, the growth in apps and network traffic has led to an exponential increase in “digital exhaust,” forcing Splunk environments up against capacity constraints and resulting in security blindspots and backlogs. Learn how an HPE-, Splunk- and Intel-engineered aaS solution solves this problem.

These intimate and interactive snapshots are focused on the latest technology innovations and modern data analytics solutions. You get a brief presentation, and then you can ask any question you may have.

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