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@WesternDigital Corporation’s @SanDisk unit has VAIO-compliant flash caching software and hardware for #vSphere servers.

This announcement represents WDC inheriting a two year #SanDisk – @VMware partnership to make use of SanDisk’s acquired FusionIO PCIe flash hardware and software. There are two products:

FlashSoft 4 software for VMware vSphere 6Flash Virtualization System, a flash-based hardware and software product incorporating FlashSoft v4

FlashSoft is caching software taking advantage of a server’s flash drive. Its version 4 leverages a Western Digital and VMware VAIO co-design partnership for vSphere 6.

FlashSoft v4 is the result, we’re told, of a two year co-operative design project by Western Digital and VMware, with FlashSoft 4 software using VMware vSphere’s APIs for IO Filtering (VAIO), providing, WDC SanDisk claims, “the highest level of usability and performance with vSphere 6.”

Ravi Swaminathan, Data Center Solutions Business Unit VP and GM at Western Digital Corporation, went into hype mode in his canned quote, saying: “These new product innovations resulted from the deep ongoing engagement between our companies and are expected to greatly enhance virtual machine performance. We look forward to expanding possibilities of the new architecture to continue delivering high-value solutions for our customers.”

“New innovations”? Umm, we didn’t know there were any other kind of innovations.

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