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#CLOUDWARS — Hammering home the radical transformation @IBM ’s undergone during the last few years ago, CEO @GinniRometty claimed last week that IBM has become the world leader in enterprise #AI with 16,000 client engagements, in #Blockchain with 400 active client engagements, and in the highly advanced realm of quantum computing with live projects underway with @JPMorganChase, @Daimler and others.

Those striking numbers underscore not only @IBM ’s aggressive moves into enterprise IT’s highest-potential markets, but also the legitimacy of the company’s claims that it has earned its way into the very top of the wickedly competitive cloud-computing marketplace with @Microsoft and @Amazon.

If that seems like a silly claim, take another look at the graphic atop this article—and if you’re still not convinced, have a look at this chart showing that IBM generated more enterprise-cloud revenue in Q4 than both Microsoft and Amazon.

Rometty also made it clear that while IBM has a considerable presence in the public-cloud IaaS market because many of its clients require or desire that, it intends to greatly differentiate itself from the big IaaS providers via higher-value technologies such as AI, Blockchain, cybersecurity and analytics.

“I think you know that for us the cloud has never been about having Infrastructure-as-a-Service-only as a public cloud, or a low-volume commodity cloud,” Rometty said on the webcast with investors.

“Because, frankly, Infrastructure as a Service is almost just a dialtone. For us, it’s always been about a cloud that is going to be enterprise-strong and of which IaaS is only a component.”

Rometty then framed out four strategic differentiators for the IBM Cloud, which in 2017 generatedd $17 billion in revenue, accounting for 22% of IBM’s total:

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