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As #VMware Virtual SAN moves to the forefront of the software-defined storage and #hyperconverged markets, users are advised to weigh its pros and cons before implementation. Virtualization has enabled businesses to manage server resources more easily. Recently, corporations have been adding such features to their storage systems. VMware #VSAN 6.2 has emerged as a leader in this space and is also gaining traction as a hyper-converged offering, but the product does present customers with a few challenges. Interest in software-defined storage ( #SDS ) is growing for a variety of reasons, starting with rising storage volumes. The digital universe is expected to double in size every two years between now and 2020, when it reaches 44 zettabytes of information, according to IDC.

In this ever expanding storage universe, deploying traditional offerings such storage area networks and network attached storage can be time-consuming and cumbersome.

“As storage grows, companies have trouble scaling up,” said Eric Burgener, research director for IDC’s Storage Practice.

Often moving from a small system to a large one requires a complete switch of the underlying hardware.

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