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@VMware continued its enterprise Internet of Things ( #IoT) push at Mobile World Congress Wednesday, unveiling a host of new edge computing solutions that address use cases in asset management and surveillance. The solutions are being developed through industry partnerships with firms such as @AxisCommunications, @Wipro Limited, and more, a press release said. By focusing on edge computing, the VMware solutions could make it easier for business users to securely and effectively harness the data created by IoT deployments. On the VMware side of things, products such as VMware #vSAN hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) software, VMware #vSphere, and VMware #PulseIoTCenter will all play a role in the new solutions, the release said. At this point, the solutions will address specific needs in industrial and manufacturing sectors, as well as within certain brick-and-mortar retail stores.

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