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#VMware has named Mike Wookey, formerly an #Oracle vice president, as the chief technology officer of its cloud management business unit. Wookey also served as a chief architect for Oracle’s ORCL 0.84% enterprise management group. Prior to that, he was a distinguished engineer and a chief technology officer at Sun Microsystems, the respected server-and-software company that Oracle acquired in 2010 for more than $7 billion. In a statement from VMware exclusive to Fortune, VMware VMW 2.16% underscored Wookey’s experience in server hardware development, networking, operating systems, virtualization, and business applications. Taken altogether, that’s pretty much soup-to-nuts in the modern software world.

VMware’s cloud management group includes the company’s #vRealize software, which lets IT professionals deploy and manage computing jobs that run both on internal servers and offsite as needed.

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