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#Virtualdesktop workloads have a few characteristics that suit #hyperconvergedinfrastructure ( #HCI ). For example, HCI delivers the storage performance and scale-out architecture #VDI deployments need. As a result, the #VMware HCI offering bundles with some licenses of the company’s VDI product, #HorizonView. But #VMwareHCI, and particularly #VirtualSAN ( #VSAN ), is not the same as a standard storage array. What is VMware

VMware VSAN is storage software in the ESXi hypervisor. It takes local storage in a group of ESXi servers and makes it behave like a shared storage pool. VMware VSAN mirrors virtual machine storage access across multiple ESXi server nodes to achieve storage availability. VSAN uses the Ethernet network between the ESXi servers and forms a storage cluster that matches a Distributed Resource Scheduler /High Availability cluster. VSAN uses two tiers of storage in a node — a fast tier for performance and a cheaper tier for capacity. The fast tier must be solid state while the capacity tier can be solid state or spinning hard disks.

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