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#Hyperconverged infrastructure software provider @Virtuozzo Inc. has punted out a new #persistentstorage product for @Kubernetes, which is a popular orchestration tool that’s used to manage software application #containers. The move comes following this summer’s release of Virtuozzo Storage for @Docker, a #softwaredefinedstorage platform designed for managing Docker containers with persistent data in production. Persistent storage, sometimes called nonvolatile storage, relates to storage devices that retain data after the power is switched off. With regard to application containers, the term more generally refers to storage volumes or individual clusters that remain available and retain data after the life of individual containers. Being able to retain data after an application container has shut down is obviously desirable, but Virtuozzo Chief Executive Officer George Karidis said it’s not so easy to set up this kind of persistent storage in container deployments that span across multiple servers. That’s where the new Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes platform should prove to be helpful, as it provides customers with a simplified way to set up and manage these persistent storage volumes. Basically, Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes is a set of easy-to-use management tools built atop of the company’s flagship software-defined storage platform. With the new product, users can set up, monitor and manage their Kubernetes storage clusters and other services such as file and object storage more easily. In addition, the platform allows users to define storage classes and automatic snapshot policies to ensure everything is safely backed up. Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes can be run on any kind of commodity hardware, the company said. “With our latest Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes solution, we’re delivering a tightly integrated, production-ready solution for K8s that makes it very easy for any enterprise, small business or service provider to put containerized apps into production,” Karidis said. Virtuozzo said its new Kubernetes storage platform, and also its Virtuozzo Storage for Docker, are both being exhibited this week at the DockerCon EU ‘17 event taking place in Copenhagen.

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