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#Virtuozzo announced on Monday general availability of Virtuozzo 7. With this new version, the platform ushers in a new level of portability, reliability, and performance, especially for customers in large data center environments where vendor flexibility, as well as low latency, is critical. Virtuozzo 7 includes optimized #KVM with rebuilt hypervisor core on top of open-source KVM resulting in better density, performance and security; rebootless kernel updates with ReadyKernel with enterprise grade, 24×7 support. More than 200 enhancements, including backup and out-of-the-box high availability and advanced memory management that outperforms CentOS KVM by up to 33 percent. The platform also delivers additional #Docker support including new storage plugin.Virtuozzo Storage outperforms open source software-defined storage #Ceph by ten times or more, on identical hardware. Advanced #Windows support is also added to KVM allows customers to run Linux and Windows workloads with the same features and level of stability. Virtuozzo converges virtualization technology including system containers, hypervisor, and software-defined storage into one efficient platform. By supporting different types of scenarios, the platform gives the freedom to choose how and where users run their workloads to achieve the greatest density and performance within public or private data center.

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