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#SoftwaredefinedWAN vendor #Viptela has extended its traffic management and security services to infrastructure-as-a-service providers #Microsoft #Azure and #AmazonWebServices.

Viptela made available this week technology, called Cloud onRamp, that creates a virtual instance of the Viptela vEdge router on Azure and AWS. The executable file makes a direct connection between applications running on the IaaS platforms and the Viptela SD-WANappliance deployed in a branch office.

SD-WAN vendors, in general, abstract the network intelligence they provide into a virtual overlay that enables pooling of private and public connections and permits automation, centralized control and traffic management. The links can include MPLS, broadband, Long Term Evolution and Wi-Fi.

The Viptela overlay is a Layer 3 virtual private network. The vendor’s controller, called vSmart, is a virtual appliance that provides security and route and policy management instructions to Viptela vEdge routers. The platform also includes a virtualized central component, called vManage, for configuration management and monitoring. Companies that buy a Viptela vEdge router also get vSmart and vManage.

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