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With 30,000+ HPE servers deployed; 50TB in production and 200+ HPE, SAP and Intel engineers co innovating in the lab, HPE is the #1 system vendor for SAP HANA! No one knows SAP and #SAPHANA better than Hewlett Packard Enterprise does. Nearly 46% of SAP licenses tie to HPE Compute, Servers and Systems along with being #1 in SAP HANA server deployments via HPE Pointnext Services.

HPE has earned market leadership positions in hybrid cloud with GreenLake and in SAP built on over 28,000 deployments, bringing this together in our GreenLake SAP Platform-as-a-Service offering that is highly customizable to your specific requirements.  We deliver true private/on-premises cloud experience, spanning customer and co-lo datacenters and inclusive of the major cloud providers, without cloud egress costs that are driving repatriations from cloud to HPE.  Key considerations in this regard include:

Public Cloud

  • SAP HANA is heavily-accessed by other applications
  • As first-mover to cloud, large and incalculable egress fees incurred for that access; as evidenced:
    • Cloud customer “headlines-making” egress fees
    • Cloud repatriations per Americas SAP Users’ Group (ASUG); low/falling cloud use for HANA
    • HPE now engaged with 12 major repatriations from cloud after 1+ years…a growing number

HPE GreenLake Hybrid Multi-Cloud

  • Elimination of egress/repatriation cost and exposure via strategic-coupling with Equinix, CyrusOne
    • Access to all major public cloud providers, with 1,600 built-in, standard and custom cloud controls
    • Single pane of glass and invoicing for your private cloud and for public cloud use

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