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In this video from #SC17 in Denver, @BrianGold from #PureStorage describes how the company’s innovative #FlashBlade Systems speed up I/O for #AI & #HPC workloads. “FlashBlade is the industry’s first cloud-era flash, purpose-built for modern analytics and designed to drive tomorrow’s discoveries, insights, and creations. In the new age of big data, modern applications and compute technologies leverage massively parallel architecture for performance. From scientific research and movie rendering to artificial intelligence, applications push the limits on thousands of GPU cores or thousands of CPU servers. Parallel compute demands parallel storage. FlashBlade is the industry’s first all-flash storage purpose-built for modern analytics – architected from the ground-up to deliver a powerful cloud-era data platform that’s fast, big, and simple.” Optimized and self tuned for any workload powered by unstructured data, FlashBlade provides the fast, highly scalable and effortlessly simple storage infrastructure required by data-intensive analytics such as artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning. While the conversation around AI and ML solutions tends to focus on analytics software, a new, comprehensive set of purpose-built infrastructure software and hardware support is essential to capitalize on the AI revolution,” said Par Botes, VP of Product, Pure Storage. “With processing power at both the GPU and storage layer a prerequisite of any AI advancement, it is imperative to recognize the framework on which nearly all AI functionality is conducted.”

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