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The #videogame industry has emerged as a #hyperconvergedinfrastructure market for one channel partner based in the Los Angeles area. #InnovativeDataConsulting Inc. (InData), a company based in Valencia, Calif., that provides physical and virtual IT infrastructure and services, has picked up some #HCI wins among game companies that need high-performance, on-premises infrastructure to deal with graphically demanding applications. And there are plenty of companies that fit that profile in Los Angeles, with a number of major studios and indie game developers operating in the region.

“Video game developers are definitely a big part of the economy down here,” said Mike Braico, CEO at InData.

InData recently landed a project with a large game developer that Braico said ran a traditional IT infrastructure that involved #Dell servers, #NetApp appliances and the need to move data back and forth between servers and storage with minimal latency. The key application relying on the infrastructure is a propriety game development and asset management system. Developers use the system to make 3D models and landscapes, storing them in an asset database from which they can be retrieved for reuse.

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