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Healthcare institutions face a growing list of challenges—some due to the COVID-19 pandemic, others years in the making. A rapidly aging population and a rise in chronic conditions are driving up demand, while a growing shortage of healthcare workers and unsustainable increases in healthcare costs are straining providers and economies alike. These global trends have created a critical need for transformative innovation in the sector, combining increased efficiency with improved experience and outcomes. HPE GreenLake can help power this transformation, with healthcare technology solutions that combine proven performance, industry expertise, and as-a-service delivery that removes financial barriers to technological advancement.

How can HPE GreenLake help healthcare companies with their IT strategies, as they look to manage scale and speed of deployment of their infrastructure whilst maintaining information security? Steve Shim discusses some of the unique challenges that healthcare companies face that impact Health IT strategy, how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the Health IT sector, and the next major challenges that healthcare CTOs will face over the coming three years.

Modern healthcare suffers from significant technological needs coupled with strained capital budgets and extended approval cycles. When IT infrastructure is delivered as a service, you gain the ability to add on-premises resources that offer cloud-like flexibility without up-front capital cost. Consumption-based billing allows you to tie costs to business outcomes, and a managed-for-you model lets you make more efficient use of your in-house IT resources. HPE Financial Services can even help you fund your transition with solutions to recover value from your current assets.


The Electronic Health Record (EHR) has become a strategic asset to healthcare providers, and Epic Systems leads in enabling hospital systems and integrated health networks across the U.S. Health IT teams are committed at the highest levels of support to ensure the reliable delivery of Epic to medical staff and caregivers on a 24×7 basis. However, many organizations are looking for innovative ways to fortify the EHR IT foundation, simplify operations, increase efficiency to deliver projects faster, and reduce the total cost of ownership of the Epic System. HPE GreenLake offers a new way to meet your EHR needs in a scalable, pay-per-use Epic service that’s managed for you.

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

For companies in the healthcare industry, is has never been more crucial to invest in AI and deep learning tools that can accelerate real-time insights and intelligence. From medical imaging, to health records management, to drug discovery, AI innovations are quickly revolutionizing the healthcare field, making patient data more accessible for analysis and helping doctors increase their understanding of diseases. The results for both providers and patients are boundless, and include everything from reduced costs, to better quality of care, to the arrival of a new era of
precision medicine. HPE and NVIDIA are working together to drive major improvements to system design, and offer the support and expertise that is needed to help the healthcare industry accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies that converge massive datasets into concise, actionable insight.

Accelerate life science and genomic research

High performance computing, cloud computing, and a new generation of technologies are ushering in tremendous breakthroughs in life science and genetics research. With HPE, your organization can leverage cost-effective, scalable infrastructure that delivers the flexibility and performance required to support disparate teams of scientists and researchers conducting resource-intensive projects.

  • Leverage AI: Use sophisticated analytics to select the best drug candidates and weed out those that are likely to be unsuccessful before incurring significant costs.
  • Enable collaborative development: Improve data sharing, networking, and cybersecurity between partners, while also supporting remote work during the pandemic.
  • Automate processes: Leverage robotic process automation to streamline business processes and reduce expenses.

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