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@Verizon has signed a partnership deal with Korean carrier @KT to explore the core technologies required to establish a global standard for #5G . KT’s chairman, Hwang Chang-gyu traveled to Big Red’s headquarters in New Jersey to ink the deal with #Verizon’s chairman @LowellMcAdam on Friday, but the deal has only been announced today. #Verizon

If you know anything about 5G, you’d know that 5G doesn’t really mean anything right now. It is simply the “thing that comes after 4G” but no official standard has yet been proposed. Manufacturers and carriers from here, there and everywhere are constantly sharing their “5G” speed tests with us, but when something has no definition it’s a little too easy to plant a flag and declare yourself a contender.

Tackling this problem head-on is what KT and Verizon plan to do together. As KT’s chairman said in a statement, a “global partnership for the 5G standardization is very crucial ahead of its planned commercialization in 2020, as a single firm or country alone cannot achieve the goal”.

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