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Today @Veritas Technologies and @Nutanix announced a global technology partnership. This partnership brings Veritas #NetBackup 8.1 to protect workloads virtualized on #AHV, Nutanix’s native hypervisor. The two companies claim that this will allow customers to benefit from greater protection for all virtualized workloads running on Nutanix, as well as application mobility across clouds, while remaining open to any hardware, hypervisor or cloud.  Veritas has been protecting Nutanix for some time now. The new partnership strengthens the bond between the two companies as well as addressing stronger data protection for workloads running on Nutanix with a single, unified solution that is the foundation for end-to-end 360 data management. Adding NetBackup 8.1 to Nutanix extends its data protection capabilities to protect the movement of data and workloads faster within the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud or to other public, private or hybrid cloud environments. Customer benefits include: Faster backup and recovery of Nutanix virtual workloads, combined with powerful deduplication technology with Veritas NetBackup CloudCatalyst, enables customers to take greater advantage of the public cloud while saving money for storing Nutanix backups. Greater business continuity with Nutanix’s built-in infrastructure resiliency that is further enhanced by Veritas with rapid recovery of business-critical applications and data. The ability to confidently and rapidly deploy next-generation, scale-out, multi-petabyte, hyperconverged workloads with NetBackup Parallel Streaming, a technology powered by a patented plug-in architecture that delivers high performance and reliability. Simplified data protection and recovery through the integration of Veritas CloudPoint with AHV, Nutanix’s native hypervisor, for managing snapshot operations. With a simple interface, users can take a snapshot of data and modern applications on a virtual machine and its attached disks, restore a snapshot to the original virtual machine, or delete a snapshot across private, public or hybrid clouds. The partnership will also create new opportunities for joint go-to-market and support initiatives from both companies. Veritas and Nutanix can combine their enterprise expertise to accelerate adoption of next-generation cloud approaches for a wide spectrum of workloads. These benefits can go beyond customers to positively effect channel partners enabling them to customize solutions for mutual customers that require data protection capabilities when adding critical hyperconverged workloads, migrating data or merging infrastructure on-premises or in multi-clouds.

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