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What it’s used for As an enterprise backup product, @Veritas #NetBackup supports major databases such as @Oracle and @Microsoft SQL, as well as Microsoft Windows, @Unix and @Linux operating systems. The product backs up data to disk, tape and public clouds, and protects popular @VMware and Microsoft #HyperV hypervisors. Key features offered by NetBackup include data deduplication, replication and snapshot services. After the spinout from @Symantec, Veritas recast itself as a data management platform, making NetBackup the focus on the Veritas 360 Data Management Suite. A key piece of Veritas 360 is Information Map, which collects information from data managed by NetBackup, other Veritas applications and the cloud to create a global view of metrics in a management dashboard. Learn how OpsCenter and NetBackup interact and transfer the data needed to run reports. OpsCenter, introduced with NetBackup 7.0, is another key part of Veritas NetBackup. OpsCenter is a web-based monitoring and analysis tool that looks at a customer’s backup operations. It provides reports to help track the effectiveness of backups, service usage and expenditures. Among the standard OpsCenter reports are backup, catalog, chargeback, client, cloud, media, performance, policy reports, restore and workload analyzer. The Basic OpsCenter is free with NetBackup for single deployment configuration with monitoring and alerts. OpsCenter Analytics requires a separate license and allows for custom and chargeback reports. VERITAS The Veritas NetBackup Activity Monitor shows a backup job’s history. The last major Veritas NetBackup release, 8.0, came out in December 2016. Key features included support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and VMware vSphere 6.5. Other features are: NetBackup Accelerator for Microsoft Hyper-V; NetBackup Virtual Appliance for Remote Offices; NetBackup Amazon AMI; integrated cloud storage connectors for Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, OpenStack Swift and SwiftStack; and enhanced NDMP backup of Dell EMC Isilon filers. In releases 8.1 and 8.1.1, NetBackup added parallel streaming for faster backups of big data and hyper-converged clusters, scale-out backups of Nutanix clusters, database-aware backup of MySQL, instant recovery for Oracle databases from NetBackup Appliances, cloud connectors for AWS Glacier and Alibaba, and a NetBackup Rest API for tighter integration with third-party applications. Veritas NetBackup also added support for database-aware backups of PostgreSQL, SQLite and MariaDB in its 8.1.1 release in February 2018. NetBackup Appliance NetBackup is also available as part of an integrated backup appliance, which performs source and target deduplication, and removes the need for a separate master or media server.

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