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Seeing a decrease in floor space as well as an increase in performance and capacity is a great story to tell management. That’s a story Ben Gordon, VP of enterprise infrastructure services at Molina Healthcare Inc., got to tell after installing all-flash #VCE #Vblocks in his data center.

Molina is a healthcare provider based in Long Beach, Calif., with additional offices across the United States. The company was growing so quickly that they were beginning to run out of floor space in their New Mexico data center. On top of that, they needed to support a high-volume call center and member-based applications which experienced performance spikeseach year during periods of open healthcare enrollment.

Molina had already been a VCE customer — they had Vblock 700 and 300 series already installed. But as their existing hybrid Vblock systems were aging, they used the opportunity to replace some with VCE’s newest addition to itsconverged infrastructure lineup: the higher-capacity, all-flash Vblock 740.

Converged infrastructures combine data center components from several different vendors that are pre-tested to work together in one chassis. The Vblock 740 converged infrastructure uses #Cisco #UCS servers, Cisco switching and #EMC #VMAX all-flash storage. That’s opposed to hyper-converged infrastructure (which VCE also sells) which includes a hypervisor as well as software that typically provides additional management and features.

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