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Many organizations today are looking for ways to scale out their storage so that they can accommodate the data deluge. Virtual SAN ( #vSAN ) enables users to employ storage in ESXi servers without the need for external storage, so when #VMware launched its vSAN in March 2014, companies were excited. The company hoped this offering would be the solution to provide fast, resilient scale-out storage. Since its launch, what has developed and how are users feeling about it? VMware set out its shingle as a competitor to storage-array and storage-software vendors when it rolled out vSAN. Server admins were looking forward to using vSAN because it gave them a symmetrical architecture that didn’t require external storage, enabling storage in existing servers. It also doesn’t require specialized storage skills. But no one solution can be all things to all enterprises, and as enterprises began to deploy vSAN across their environments, they noticed something big was missing.

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