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With the US Department of Defense deciding to upgrade four million units of their equipment to #Microsoft Windows 10 due to better security, sources from PC players expect the move to prompt other US government departments to follow suit, triggering a replacement trend in the enterprise PC sector. The sources believe the replacement trend will expand to the private sector in North America, especially those with partnerships with the US government, and then expand further worldwide. Increasing numbers of enterprises and big organizations in North America are upgrading their systems to Windows 10 in the second half and the replacement trend is expected to last into the first half of 2017. Among the brand vendors, Dell has been aggressively pushing its sales in North America and is expected to benefit strongly from the replacement trend. As 90% of #Dell ‘s enterprise notebooks are manufactured by Compal Electronics, the ODM is also expected to see strong shipments in the second half. Hewlett-Packard’s ( #HP ) enterprise notebooks are handled mainly by Inventec, which has also seen increased shipments recently.

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