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All – I get a question pretty consistently: “surely you are planning on moving #Cisco #UCS out of the #Vblock / #VxBlock business”. The answer has been constant (from me, from #MichaelDell, from #ChuckRobbins): No, there is no current plan to do that. We have moved the #VxRack and #VxRail #HCI portfolio to #PowerEdge at the speed of light…. But in Vblocks/VxBlocks are staying with UCS. Ultimately – having the most potent rack mount and modular systems on the planet is a huge accelerant for our HCI portfolio. When it comes to our CI block portfolio, we have a working formula, and we’re in no rush to change it. I wrote a blog on the topic here – Vblock and VxBlock use Cisco UCS – got it? But – the next question is: “Why?”…. and the question right after that is “Does the #DellEMC PowerEdge team agree – or is it just you Chad?”. It’s inevitable as a big company that “not everybody has read the memo” (me included!) Here’s the answer right from us together, as a single Dell EMC team (I’m joined by my new Dell EMC friend Ravi Pendekanti – who is the SVP Product Management/Marketing for PowerEdge).

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