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U.S. lawmakers are urging @AT&T Inc, the No. 2 wireless carrier, to cut all commercial ties to Chinese phone maker @Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and oppose plans by telecom operator @ChinaMobile Ltd to enter the U.S. market because of national security concerns, said two congressional aides. The warning comes after the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump took a harder line on policies initiated by his predecessor Barack Obama on issues ranging from Beijing’s role in restraining North Korea to Chinese efforts to acquire U.S. strategic industries. Earlier this month, AT&T was forced to scrap a plan to offer its customers Huawei handsets after some members of Congress lobbied against the idea with federal regulators, sources told Reuters. The U.S. government has also blocked a string of Chinese acquisitions over national security concerns, including Ant Financial’s proposed purchase of U.S. money transfer company MoneyGram International Inc.

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