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#Toshiba is announcing that its non-encrypted HK4 SATA SSDs are to be utilized in select #NetApp #SolidFire® all-flash storage arrays that do not require encryption. This will allow NetApp to broaden their offering and reach into new markets. Toshiba is a key supplier of SSDs for NetApp SolidFire solutions, and today’s news reinforces Toshiba’s commitment to growth, and comes on the heels of an IDC market report naming them as the fastest growing storage vendor in 2016 in the $17 billion global SSD market segment, as we previously reported here.

NetApp will be utilizing the non-encrypted HK4 SATA SSDs in their SF4805, SF9605 and SF19210 solutions, providing low latency, low power requirements, and high performance that is data center optimized.  Key applications include web servers, data analytics, file servers, databases and virtualized environments.  The HK4 series of SATA SSDs are Toshiba’s first non-encrypted SATA SSDs to be utilized for the SolidFire products, and complement the existing series of encrypted HK4 SSDs.

According to Daniel Berg, vice president of SolidFire Production Operations for NetApp, “Our customers require predictable and highly efficient performance; and they get that with Toshiba Data Center SSDs.  With the addition of Toshiba’s non-encrypted SSDs, NetApp SolidFire products can now address markets where non-encrypted drives are required.”

Jeremy Werner, vice president of SSD marketing and product planning for Toshiba, states that “Toshiba established its US-based Storage and Research Design Center to bring innovation closer to its customers like NetApp.  We are committed to continually offering NetApp a comprehensive portfolio that helps meet the evolving needs of their environment and customers.”

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