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One day, your latest gadget won’t be in your pocket like a phone or even wrapped around your wrist like a smartwatch, but stuck to your skin like a transparent plaster. Researchers at the University of Tokyo are the latest group to attempt to make this kind of “ #optoelectronicskin ”, with an ultra-thin, flexible LED display that can be worn on the back of your hand (Science Advances, “Ultraflexible organic photonic skin”). What makes this possible is the field of “ #organicelectronics ”, which can also be used to create a range of technologies from printed solar cells to computer screens you can roll up and put in your pocket. The name comes from the use of “organic” semiconductors, which are made with materials based on carbon rather than silicon as in conventional electronics. And while optoelectronic skins are still being developed – organic electronics are already changing the technology we buy.

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