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A Ghana teacher has been teaching “Information and Communications Technology” on a chalkboard and has gained global attention for doing so. After his Facebook post, the school which lacked the resources to buy computers has been inundated with offers of donations of laptops.  Source: Owura Kwadwo Hottish/Facebook The school in rural Ghana @OwuraKwadwo worked in could not afford a computer. But Kwadwo, who is originally from Kumasi, Ghana, wanted to help his students get familiar with the look and function of a computer. So Kwadwo, who has a background in visual arts, started by drawing the perfect copy of a blank @Microsoft Word document on a chalkboard. Kwadwo has also tried to put as much detail into the recreation of the blank Word Document, making it very impressive. He has included every feature you would find in a Word Document.  It also includes an explanation of what each part of the document does so that students can really understand how it would work. If students can see what MS Word looks like now, they will be prepared for when they have the opportunity to use it on a real computer, Kwadwo says. ICT as important as maths education The teacher’s work is impressive on a technical level but it is also an effective way to help students grasp the basics of Microsoft Word and computers in general. In the 21st Century, understanding how to use technology is as important as math, science, or history in terms of education.  But many students in the world lack the resources to access and use technology on a regular basis. That is why Kwadwo is willing to put in this level of work to replicate a Word Document. “I do it to make my students understand what I‘m teaching,” he said. “At least to give a picture of what they will see assuming they were behind a computer.”

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