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If 2016 was the year of putting failures behind it, @Microsoft’s 2017 was a year of focus. Over the past 12 months we’ve seen the software giant successfully execute on its plan to become a major cloud competitor. It’s a massive part of Microsoft’s business now, and it will only continue to grow into 2018. Microsoft CEO @Satya Nadella also revealed that the company’s future is in artificial intelligence, #MixedReality, and #quantumcomputing. We’ve seen early work in all three areas this year, even if quantum computing and true artificial intelligence are still a ways off in the industry. Microsoft might have hinted at its future and started winning in cloud, but it didn’t stop doing what it’s best at over the years: Windows. This year saw two big “Creators” updates to Windows 10, with a focus on Mixed Reality, creating in 3D Paint, and pen / touch improvements. Microsoft has continued to update Windows 10 regularly with new features, and as we approach its three-year anniversary it doesn’t look like a “Windows 11” successor is likely any time soon.

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