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As many of you are aware, one of the most important scenarios enabled by modern versions of #Windows is the creation of a hyper-converged infrastructure ( #HCI ) through new technologies like Storage Spaces Direct ( #S2D). Right now, all the technology you need to create this infrastructure is simply baked into Windows Server Datacenter, waiting for someone to enable and configure it for their use. However, in order to receive support in a production environment, there are a number of quality hurdles that have to be cleared, particularly around the hardware used to create them. The work that goes into designing and testing these solutions is intense. As with any other Windows feature, you can do much of this work yourself. However, most IT organizations don’t have the resources to perform the same level of integration testing as our partner ecosystem. To ease your path to a high quality experience, we created the #WSSD program. WSSD enables our partners to easily list and sell fully tested and supported configurations. We recommend our customers use these pre-certified solutions instead of trying to build their own. Rather than just asking you to take our word for it, I’m going to attempt to provide an understanding of the kind of technical work these vendors do as integrators, and why building off the shelf is a bad idea for critical production workloads.

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