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In light of industry consolidation around providing complete, turnkey solutions to customers, #Cisco Systems Inc. and #Pure Storage Inc. teamed up to bring the performance of flash storage to the Cisco computing and networking stack. Several months into the partnership, during the recent Pure//Accelerate event in San Francisco, California, Mayur Dewaikar (pictured, left), product management, ecosystem partnerships and integrations at Pure Storage, shared his thoughts on the collaborations between two companies. “Cisco did a phenomenal job with the [unified computing system] and UCS manager platforms in helping really put a cookie-cutter approach on deploying compute. So if you look at what was remaining, networking was always kind of the low-hanging fruit while storage was very complex. So with Pure coming into the picture, we have really simplified the overall deployment and management of storage,” Dewaikar said. Dewaikar and Siva Sivakumar (pictured, right), senior director of data center solutions at Cisco Systems, discussed the details of their partnership with Dave Vellante (@dvellante) and Stu Miniman (@stu), co-hosts of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile livestreaming studio. (* Disclosure below.) Simplifying flash solutions for converged infrastructure The unified consumption models for the jointly engineered solutions are simplifying development of applications where flash storage plays a key role in the infrastructure. “Just the power of how much you can do [input/output] subsystem from a compute perspective on the network and the ability to bring a super class performance on a storage perspective is absolutely next-generation cutting edge,” Sivakumar said. This collaboration around both performance and simplicity allows the companies to compete across a wider range of use cases. Sivakumar gave an example of the diverse workloads the companies are now equipped to handle. “On the one hand is an article database that you don’t touch for four years; on the other hand, you have a container which you use for two seconds. So you really have a complete range of use cases. … Our strategy and our goal is to provide a single cohesive platform that uniformly works across all of these use cases,” Dewaikar concluded.

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