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The founder of a $2 billion tech nonprofit aimed at making the internet more accessible to tech entrepreneurs has said Google’s 2014 purchase of DeepMind for £400 million ($500 million) was “an outrage.” 

Dominic Williams is founder and chief scientist of nonprofit Dfinity, whose main goal is building something he calls ‘the internet computer.’ Essentially, the internet computer is a blockchain-based cloud computing platform aimed at making the internet more efficient, safe, and friendly to tech startups. 

Dfinity is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and has research centres in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Zurich, as well as remote teams around the world.

Williams says the internet computer will stop tech startups needing to build their internet services on top of big tech’s APIs – something he claims is “almost impossible” at present – thereby making it easier to compete with big tech. 

Dfinity had planned to release a version of the internet computer in early 2019, but delayed the release date. It still plans to launch a developer network in 2019, and expects to show off the full internet computer in 2020, a spokesman told Business Insider. 

Williams believes Google’s purchase of DeepMind was a mistake on the part of regulators 

Speaking to Business Insider about lawmakers’ ongoing attempts to regulate tech giants such as Google and Facebook, Williams said: “Regulators are the friends of big tech, as they don’t realise what they’re doing. 

“Google should never have been allowed to buy Waze, or DeepMind – which it somehow managed to buy for £400 million when it is worth billions. Facebook should never have been allowed to buy Instagram or to buy WhatsApp.

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