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The digital transformation underway at Under Armour is erasing any stale stereotypes that athletes and techies don’t mix. While hardcore runners sporting the company’s latest microthread singlet can’t see #Hadoop, #Apache #Hive, Apache #Spark, or #Presto, these technologies are teaming up to track some serious mileage. Under Armour is working on a “connected fitness” vision that connects body, apparel, activity level, and health. By combining the data from all these sources into an app, consumers will gain a better understanding of their health and fitness, and Under Armour will be able to identify and respond to customer needs more quickly with personalized services and products. The company stores and analyzes data about food and nutrition, recipes, workout activities, music, sleep patterns, purchase histories, and more. Compiling, storing, and analyzing these types of structured and unstructured data at this scale would have been nearly impossible a decade ago. Today, companies can use Hadoop to merge their data from business applications, business analytics, web logs, the Internet of Things (IoT), and many other sources to deliver context-relevant insights. When companies collect data from all sources to augment the core of their business, they often realize real-time business insights that give them a competitive edge.

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