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While every #SAP customer is considering a move to SAP #HANA in the next few years – given the maintenance strategy of SAP for non-SAP HANA platforms on the one hand, and on the other hand the rising need of enterprises to gain real-time insights to drive smarter and faster decisions – a comprehensive view and evaluation of the required components to run a SAP HANA in-memory solution is key to success of the business adoption. SAP HANA stand alone as in-memory software platform for real-time and predictive analytics won’t deliver the great promises and benefits. This is only possible in conjunction with powerful infrastructure technologies that can process data-intensive workloads such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) especially S/4 HANA, supply-chain management (SCM), online transaction processing (OLTP), online analytical processing (OLAP), and data warehousing in-memory for rapid analysis. For this purpose #Dell, #Intel, and #SAP have teamed to provide enterprises with a data-center solution that is highly agile and high-performing, and that supports the growth of companies. As a result enterprises can benefit from Dell PowerEdge R930 servers with the latest Intel Xeon E7-8890 V4 processors that recently set two new Dell SAP HANA world-record benchmarks* with a performance improvement of nearly a quarter compared to the previous R930 servers with Intel E7v3 processors

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