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QUANTUM COMPUTING #Quantumcomputers are, without a doubt, the future, of computing. And while there are dozens of studies trying to make quantum computers more practically usable for the average person, we have yet to create a quantum computer that works in the same way our current computers do. This inability is laregly due to the difficulties in sustaining qubits (or quantum bits, a unit of quantum information), the most important part of quantum computing. There are a few companies, however, that have shown that it is, at least, possible to create a working quantum computer. One such company is D-Wave, and this year they released the latest version of their quantum computer. It’s called the 2000Q System, with, you guessed it, 2000 qubits in its processor. This number surpasses its 1,000-qubit predecessor. It’s the Canadian company’s most capable machine yet. Some criticize D-Wave’s machine, saying it isn’t really a quantum computer, mostly because their qubits aren’t built in the same way that would be for traditional quantum computers. As such, these qubits are more fragile and offer less precision in manipulation. Moreover, D-Wave’s quantum computers can only solve one type of computing task known as optimization problems through a process called quantum annealing — basically, it’s how magnetic fields that represent the problem nudge qubits in superposition towards a new state that provides the best configuration to solve a given problem.

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