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LAS VEGAS: David Goulden is chief executive of #EMC Information Infrastructure, the largest business in EMC, which also includes #VMware and #Pivotal. Post EMC’s merger with #Dell into #DellTechnologies , expected to conclude in October, Goulden will head the combined enterprise business. Goulden says the merger will open up new avenues of revenue in India and globally. What do you think will be the benefits for EMC in India following the merger with Dell? The nice thing about the merger is that there is not much overlap. In markets such as India, EMC is very enterprise, where we deal with telecom companies, government and others. We will have a global enterprise segment that will focus on enterprise customers, and a global commercial segment that will focus on the rest of marketplace. A vast majority of what EMC does will remain in enterprise segment, while commercial segment would be an open opportunity for us to explore post the merger. The ability to take an EMC product set into the Dell commercial market and vice versa is one of the huge opportunities. How important would India be post the merger and what will be the growth drivers? It will be extremely important when you think of the combined scope of Dell Technology and EMC through tablets, notebooks servers, storage and converged infrastructure. The growth drivers will be modernization of existing legacy IT, cloud model, the presence we have as an IT supplier in the national identity programme, and the partnership we have with all the Indian system integrators.

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