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Converged systems are a hot commodity in the IT sector these days. But it looks to us like the hype over various kinds of integrated systems that weld servers and storage together into preconfigured stacks  including #hyperconverged stacks that literally merge the compute and storage layers on the same servers – is just a bit bigger than the appetite for such iron in the datacenters of the world.

According to the latest statistics from IDC, the market for converged systems, which is a broader definition of such machines that includes integrated systems, certified reference systems, and hyperconverged systems, the market for integrated systems like #Oracle ’ s #Exadata and #Exalogic platforms, seems to have settled into a fairly steady state pattern. These integrated systems include servers, disk storage, switches, and systems software for managing the whole shebang, and they come from a single vendor. The certified reference systems include the same wares, but include technologies from multiple vendors, like stacks that mix servers from @Cisco Systems and storage from either @EMC or @NetApp, for instance.

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