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The world of #VDI (Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure) has been quietly innovating without many IT folks being aware of just how much has shifted underneath their feet and the implications of the improved VDI experience. Compared to five years ago, today’s best VDI experience is night and day difference, driven by improvements on the server, networking and thin client. On the server side, we have virtualized graphics from both #NVIDIA and #AMD which reduce latency, and we have seen big server CPU improvements in performance per watt and core count. Networking has moved from 100Mb to gigabit and it’s easier to prioritize packets. Lastly, the performance of the endpoints are improving, which is dramatically redefining the virtual desktop experience. A great example of that is the new #Dell #Wyse 3040 thin client, announced today, which I want to talk about. First some background on VDI.

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