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Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently tweeted that we will finally be able to see the “magic” of the elusive Tesla pickup in two to three months, something that got Tesla analysts and fans excited. 

The excitement brewing behind the new electric vehicle is fascinating because there’s little information that we actually know of the vehicle yet it has garnered so much interest that it overtook Ford’s classic F-150 in a Twitter poll conducted a few months ago. But what solid details do we really know about this mysterious vehicle so far? 

The most exciting detail that we know of so far is that the new Tesla pickup will look unlike any of the pickup designs that we have come to know for years. Musk described the Tesla pickup truck as something that won’t feel out of place in a sci-fi film and have generously used the words “futuristic” and “cyberpunk” to describe the vehicle. This detail is believed to be something that conservative pickup owners might have a problem with once it launches but the idea appeals to Tesla fans who are up for something modern. 

So far, all we really have is an obscure teaser of the truck which was shown a few months back during the launch of the Model Y. Fans were able to see a good number of concept design that perfectly captured Musk’s cyberpunk vision of the Tesla EV including a futuristic design of Star Wars artist, Alex Jaeger

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